Our Youth Stories

Our youth – they are all different, all unique. Each has his or her thoughts and aspirations. Here we present a few stories of the youth of our time. Hopefully, their journey of growing up and working hard towards their life goals will inspire and encourage you to care more about our youth.

Tim Law

23 years old
Triathlete in Hong Kong

My teacher knows that I am passionate about sports, and has always been incredibly supportive of me pursuing this passion. This is why I have put my sports career as my no. 1 priority in life. My teacher is my motivation for becoming a full-time athlete, and for that I am grateful.

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Khalil Fong

24 years old
Year 2 student, Major in Social Work, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Getting a university degree is not the only path to success (but by all means get one if you have the chance). What is more important, I think, is to know what you want to do as a career, and whether that requires a university degree. Don’t get a degree for the sake of getting it, or because everyone has one.

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Andy Kwan

Taekwondo Black Belt Level Six, Poomsae and Kyorugi International Referee; also English teacher at a secondary school in Tinshuiwai, Hong Kong

It is very easy for young people to feel frustrated and have a negative outlook on life, if they’re constantly told that they’re a failure. As a teacher, I need to restore and instil confidence in my students.

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Faris Tse

19 years old secondary student, Hong Kong

I love singing, and I want the world to hear me sing. I have performed at school and have competed in singing contests. YouTube is a platform I use to upload my singing videos; I hope to become a successful Youtuber. But in all of these occasions, I have received criticisms and even personal attacks. It did cross my mind to give up. Why put myself through hardship, when an easier option is to give up singing? But I persevered.

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Yan Ng

22 years old university student, Hong Kong

University life is extremely busy. Apart from homework, I try to grasp as many opportunities as I can to gain exposure in different areas. Well, this has to do with my own personality as well, but I am also thinking about my future – experiences can enhance my resume. We live in a competitive society, and a university degree is not enough for one to stand out among his/her peers. I want people to see that I am well rounded, and I want to explore the world.

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